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I’m asked quite often why I write. I write because I enjoy it. Creating characters and plots is something each of us begins when we are small children using our imaginations with dolls, stuffed animals, video games, and a variety of other toys and games. I simply never got over it. Fiction is an escape from reality, both for me and for most fiction writers and readers. Simply put, I write to entertain myself and my readers. More recently, I embarked on a Bible study series. Nonfiction is challenging with all of the required research, but I am thoroughly enjoying this exciting journey through the Bible. 
Finding the time to write is probably the most difficult part of being an author, especially for those of us attempting to do so while remaining in a full-time job and raising a family. Although I’ve written most of my life, it wasn’t until my children were grown that I found the time to get serious about it, and even now it requires several sleepless nights to accomplish my goals. My advice to anyone wanting to be a writer is make an appointment with yourself to write at a certain time, the same as any other job, and keep that appointment! Also, join a writers group and take writing classes. The craft of writing requires constant honing, the same as any other talent. Try several groups to find the best fit for you and your genre. If a group inspires you to rush to your computer to write, you’ve found the right one.

Joanne  Liggan